LUSH Cosmetics Georgia - Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, from UK
Published: 31/03/2020 Views: 449
LUSH Cosmetics Georgia - Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, from UK

LUSH Cosmetics Georgia - is pleased to offer wide range assortment from famous British brand LUSH cosmetics in Tbilisi. Lush is well known as -fresh handmade cosmetics, which is 100% vegetarian and 85%vegan. LUSH doesn't make any tests on animals.

Company launched selling in Tbilisi 2 months ago and offers to clients Lush's most wanted and innovative product line, so called - Solid products, such as - solid shampoo, solid conditioner, solid face oils and cleaners, solid parfums and bath bombs. So, what distinguishes a solid format from a standard one?
Here are some answers:

🥑 Naked - products are without packaging, means, take care of planet
🍋 perfect for travel
🥝 Take care of your budget. One shampoo bar gives you up to 80 washes and it equals two 250 ml liquid shampoos

LUSH also offers a wide range of liquid shampoos and hair conditioners, which are made of from natural ingredients and they are free of parabens or silicon, also available tooth care products, such as toothpaste tablets and jellys.

For current moment "LUSH Cosmetics Georgia" pleased to offer online shop via Instagram (@lushcosmeticsgeorgia) or Facebook pages (@lushgeorgia) and free delivery in Tbilisi.

LUSH Cosmetics
with zero waste. Join the naked revolution!