Vetements Fall 2019 Men
Published: 28/01/2019 Views: 1 030

Vetements's Fall 2019 Men's collection showcased paris fashion week
the collection itself felt largely unisex, and was modeled by men and women, among them were native Georgian models, presented by GeoModels agency. Designer behind the brand is Georgian: Demna Gvasalia, but well, probably you already know that;)

collection was created in nostalgic and antisocial mood: “I realize there is no privacy. When I’m on public transport, doing work on my phone, I often see people overlooking it, or taking photographs of me.” - said Demna, who designed numeorous hoodies and caps. accessories include anarchy symbols, VHS tape, sticker-covered phone cases, messenger bags and graphic sweatshirts with kinda stupid and funny phrases and niche references.

Demna Gvasalia about Vetemens Fall 2019 Men's Collection : “Our inspiration starts on the Internet, that’s how we work. But we only see 20 percent of it—behind that is the part you don’t know about. I didn’t. So we found some people who know how to access the dark net, behind the wall you can’t see. I didn’t know about it, but you can buy guns, drugs, people, order things with kids—anything you want, with Bitcoin. It’s crazy, scary stuff. And you have perfect freedom to do it, because no one can see you, you have no identity.”