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WOYOYO handbags and accessories entail a true story of artistry and passion. Designed and finely crafted in Tbilisi, Georgia. WOYOYO fuses high quality yarn and Georgian walnut heartwood to make beautiful items.

The Designer and Craftsman behind WOYOYO collection is Leko Melashvili. She uses intricate knitting technics to design items that are modern and aesthetically ingenious. Her ability to combine old Georgian Knitting Tradition and contemporary purpose using just two types of material is truly outstanding and perhaps nothing similar has been done so far.

WOYOYO identity is defined by the dominant material of the Walnut Heartwood.
Walnut is a truly precious natural wood and it's treasured by those who know its tremendous visual and diachronic value.

WOYOYO Journey For the current collection the aesthetics have evolved. The color palette is live, vibrant and exciting. This vibrancy has a twist. As WOYOYO added plywood and water colors to the mix and the possibilites have exploded. Their woodworking journey has nudged Leko Melashvili's design to new shores. 44 items all as special and authentic as WOYOYO brand... The journies we take.

Leko Melashvili
instagram: @woyoyo