SITUATIONIST: safety hazard show for SS20
Published: 05/11/2019 Views: 137


spring-summer 2020

Situationist presented its SS20 collection at an abandoned factory building knows as 9th Unit Power plant, making it somewhat of a safety hazard. Oh and the signs in Russian language screamed about the electricity and chemical warnings on every F*** wall! But as everyone seemed more than willing to risk, 2 store building was full with guests, trying to get glimpse thru broken machines and cables at Irakli Rusadzes another fascinating collection!

Situationist often looks to Georgian culture and heritage for inspiration and the result is an authentic line of genuinely cool clothes that aren't trying too hard. His latest collection offered a contemporary take on classic suiting, embracing clean cuts, versatile fabrics and dynamic silhouettes.

The collection explores the notion of shared knowledge and emotion through many generations of women.
Situationist is proud to have 12 self-taught women among others in their team who have learned pattern making and cutting from their mothers and grandmothers. The collection explores the archetypes of the wardrobe from the past to the present. It reinvents traditional Georgian elements, rural knowledge, and inspiration drawn from vintage pattern-making magazines. Additionally, each garment is hand signed by its artisan.

“This collection is an intimate look behind the doors of our atelier. We decided to deconstruct patterns from vintage magazines and it brought back so many emotions and memories. These magazines were collected and shared amongst women."

“The collection is an appreciation of the past and traditional ways of maintaining resourcefulness and sustainability,"
says Mzia Kudukhova, the seamstress of Situationist. “Yes, but we also used to heat an iron on a gas stove…all because of the cursed 9th unit," adds Meri Babuadze, the pattern maker of the Situationist.