Muzaradi - pride of Georgian brand with Kherkheulidze’s family crest
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Muzaradi is a Georgian brand, founded in 2017 by Ketevan Kherkheulidze. The brands first products are helmets made of different fabrics. “I had a hood made for myself. It kept me warm and reminded me of childhood, when we used to wear such hoods,” says Kherkheulidze to VOGUE. There’s a bit of motherland pride here, too. The word Muzaradi means “warrior helmet” in Georgian and was worn by ancient Romans and Greeks as well as Georgians. Each piece bears Kherkheulidze’s family crest: a patch logo with a crescent moon, flower, and ship.

The hoods come in a variety of different colors and fabrications, including corduroy, velvet, and patent leather; there’s also a water-resistant “rain cape.” The jersey version is perhaps the most popular and has all the coziness of a Snuggie without any of the cheesy connotations. To push her designs to the realm of high fashion, Kherkheulidze has collaborated with local avant-garde designers such as Ria Keburia, creating a head-turning showpiece that’s much like a nun’s habit. The hood she made in partnership with Georgian eveningwear label Datuna is rendered in silks and trimmed with delicate fringing. And with prices starting at $60 and topping out at $180, having a stylish head on your shoulders won’t cost you the earth.

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