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Beradze Presents SS19 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekTbilisi

The collections spirit is dreamy 70’s. There is an inspiration from British punk, disco and hippies. It is a modern version of the groovy decade. Even though the inspiration comes from the past, collection is very modern.

Designer believes, that you can create future, only by looking at past. Even the name of the collection ‘’GIRLS WITH NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDERS’’ comes from 70’s artist Ed Ruschas artwork. Designer connects her artwork to today’s problem: social media, which she believes leads to narcissistic personality disorders. Collection has this Ed Rouschas Californian cool vibe to it. 70’s was a decade that brought new thoughts and ideas, which are very relevant today. It was a decade, when women’s rights started to grow and androgen looks became trendy. This collection is for women, who want to stand out.

Colors of the collection are also from this ‘cool California’. There is a lot of leather, in differ- ent colors and made in different technics. Collection has dream-like vibe to it, with its colorful fabrics. Everything is made in Georgia and the quality standard is high.
Shoes are also made in Georgia. With their huge triangle heel and chain lockers, shoes look very original and fun.

Beradze is a newly established Georgian brand based in Tbilisi and founded by young Georgian designer Tamuna Beradze. Tamuna had graduated from Istituto Marangoni, Paris and got in the list of their best students. The brand has presented two collections in Tbilisi Fashion Week and Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, the latter in frame of showroom. Both collections were very well accepted by fashion critics and fashion lovers and were featured in all well-known fashion magazines, like Vogue, Harpers Bazar, Elle, etc.

Even though the brand is relatively young it has its own signature, you can easily distinguish it from others. The colors, the geometric forms and the cool vibe, all gives the garments made by Beradze it’s unique touch, that makes it so attracting for everyone.

BERADZE spring-summer 2019
Model: Tekla Chijavadze
Photography: Beka Chokoshvili, Aka Frodiashvili