Janashia FW21 RTW and Jewelry
Published: 30/03/2020 Views: 555

Janashia presents FW21 RTW collection alongside with her unique Jewelry pieces. for Georgian Designer last season was very successful, her clothes were worn by so many famous people and bloggers in USA & Europe.

In JANASHIA FW20/21 RTW The curvy lines run through the silhouettes that evoke the '70s spirit. These skewed shapes have a sentimental presence for the designer as they induce her childhood admiration for the amorphous spaces and drawing the lines, which would bring a sense of freedom. The character of the collection is built upon the asymmetric collars and cutouts, wavy slits on the skirts, thick folds and formfitting garments with exaggerated shoulders. The sleeves are constructed with a moulage technique.

The bright and intense tones of blue and yellow are irregularly blended on a viscose textile. Auburn gofre fabrics bring airiness to the contrasting patterned vegan leather and unconventionally checked tweed. The color palette is also imbued with ivory and white.

JEWELRY: The twisted chains are reminiscent of the gold chains dating back a few decades. They were crafted in Georgia and dispersed throughout the Soviet Union. Almost every family owned a piece of jewelry knitted with this technique and the craftsmanship exists to this day.
The pearls are positioned amongst the delicately articulated curves. The gilded brass collection embraces shapelessness and nonconformity.

Janashia FW21 RTW & Jewelry
Photography: Tornike Aivazishvili
Model: Anastasia Vanishvili
stylist: Tata Janashia
MUA: Anna Todua